Our Mission


Our intention is to change the world
through becoming and teaching “the power of one” –
one person, one organization, one world.

We teach the possibility, power and process of integration
and the infinite value of human potential.

As teachers we take many forms –
advisors, guides, consultants, writers, speakers –
to reach diverse audiences,
at various times, in various places, in varying forums.

Our teaching demonstrates
how the spirit of love
and the power of difference
enable radical, abundant, sustainable
individual and organizational leadership, results and value.

Our students are those desiring to be
global, visionary, purposeful and transformational leaders
in their thoughts, feelings, actions and lifework.

We are entrepreneurs,
creating something where there was nothing,
building a global enterprise brand, building wealth,
continually expanding our network,
progressively sharing our knowledge,
doing well by doing good.

Our culture has a soul and spirit
of leadership, teaming, learning, teaching,
diversity and involvement by everyone.
We live the spirit of love
and the power of difference.

We are becoming what we teach,
transcending our limits
and actualizing our capabilities,
reaping value and abundance in every aspect of our lives.

This is our lifework –
a labor of love, joy and meaning
for it is a way we care for humanity
and make a difference in the world.

"We are globally admired for the value we add to our clients, suppliers, communities and ourselves.
Our work spans industries, governments, communities and continents
as we enjoy confident and sustained growth."