Advisory Services

We serve as advisors, confidants and guides to leaders choosing to increase their personal effectiveness and to have a visionary and profound impact on their teams and organizations. Telein provides advisory services to global, visionary, purposeful, transformational leaders at all levels of organizations. Our unique competency is facilitating vision-based, leader-initiated, team-led, wholistic, organizational change.

Founded in 1988, our work has taken us to five continents, facilitating leaders through their personal and organizational transitions and transformations. Our work with leaders in diverse organizations (e.g., corporate, education, government, public service, small business, non-profit, etc.) reinforces that the challenge is consistent – engaging the hearts and minds of all stakeholders in a common direction!

While our focus is on integration and the value of people, often referred to as the “soft stuff”, our work always translates to improvements in the work of the organization – the “hard stuff!”

Our methods, processes and tools facilitate the pursuit of abundant results through integration, involvement and dialogue, guided by the leader’s vision for the organization.