The Telein Partners

Lois E. Barrett

Lois brings wisdom, authenticity, creativity and a practical approach to all areas of her lifework. In Telein, her writing, design and technical skills are critical in developing our concepts, models and educational materials, as well as our articles and other writings. Additionally, Lois is responsible for the ongoing creation and maintenance of our large and comprehensive library of electronic information.

Lois has been with us since 1994. Prior to that, she worked in Marketing and Human Resources with Kraft Foods in Canada. She has also owned and operated her own administrative services company.

Lois says her appreciation of Telein's philosophy of abundance and integration has increased as she has witnessed the spectacular results it brings to our clients' lives and organizations, and even more as she has experienced its transforming power and value in her own life. Thus, Lois finds her work with Telein to be, as our Mission states, "labor of love, joy and meaning" and says she approaches each day as an opportunity to further internalize and share our philosophy.

Lois is an active member of her church and volunteers her time, talents and treasures to a number of projects and organizations near and dear to her heart. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband of many years and is the mother of two young adult children.