Telein Expands Internal Capabilities

Telein signs a multi-year pact with national electricity utility company of South Africa.
We are excited to share with you news of our signing of a three-year contract with the Phirwa (Jacob) Maroga, Chief Executive of Eskom Holdings Limited, Johannesburg, South Africa, the national electrical utility company of The Republic of South Africa. Eskom generates, transmits, and distributes electricity to industrial, mining, commercial, agricultural and residential customers, and redistributors. Their core markets are South Africa, The Southern African Development Community (SADC), and the remainder of the African Continent.

We will be working with Jacob and the Eskom leadership team to transform their leadership and business. We will provide advice and counsel, complemented by our copyrighted processes, tools, and educational workshops.

As we embark on this experience of a lifetime, we are filled with excitement about the enormous opportunity to add VALUE to South Africa's Visionary Leadership in its adolescent democracy, which has a Constitution that dares to guarantee more freedoms than ANY in the world, and whose preamble has a tenet that declares the requirement to improve the quality of life of all citizens and free the potential of each person!! We believe this engagement is the opportunity to which our vision has led us, and for which our experience has prepared us!!!

Telein launches Working Together™ learning experience into the global marketplace!
Working Together™, our three-day learning experience in effective communication and improved productivity, has its worldwide debut at the Institute of People Management 50th Anniversary Convention in Sun City, South Africa. Telein Partners Joseph Johnson, Don Hall and Raquel Brown are on hand to introduce this powerful module, which is the foundational piece in our learning series, "The Power of Integration - Igniting Passion in the Workplace."

Joseph Johnson featured speaker at Institute of People Management Convention in Sun City, South Africa.
Our President, CEO, Joseph Johnson, will speak at the plenary session of the IPM's 50th Anniversary Convention on the topic of Getting The Best From Your Employees. The theme for this year's convention is "Growth, Profitability & Competitiveness - Driving High Performance Through People." Telein is also providing a workshop for conference participants titled, "The Basics of Spectacular Performance - What's LOVE Got To Do With It?"

“The organization that can capture the heart of its employees is going to be the one that gets the best results”, said Joseph Johnson, CEO of US consultancy, The Telein Group, Inc. In a riveting presentation on ‘Getting the Best out of your Employees'.