Telein Collaborations

Telein invited to co-teach a seminal course at De Pauw University in Greencastle, IN.
Telein Partners co-teach a course titled, "Choosing to be Happy through Building a Considered and Consequential Life" at DePauw University. The course was developed by Doug Smith, former client of Telein and Author of "Happiness, the Art of Living with Peace, Confidence and Joy." He developed the course based on his work with Telein and his lifelong experiences and learnings about two fundamentals of success: Purpose & Relationships. The course challenges, guides and helps student gain insight about what does and does not lead to happiness.

Telein spends a month at DePauw University, Greencastle, IN.
In our continued quest to encourage the young & old to fulfill their purpose, Telein teaches three seminars in collaboration with the University and former client, Doug Smith. First year student seminar titled, Effective Communication; Leading with Vision for Vice President of Student Services and department staff and Happiness Course for Winter Term students.
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Telein invited to lead "Integrated Life" Interactive Workshop at the 9th Annual Work Life Symposium sponsored by the Tuck School of Business and Dartmouth College Medical School.
Today there are hundreds of forces pulling us in many directions - two careers, the internet, cell phones, travel, globalization, multiple languages, diversity, media, etc. The challenge is how to make sense out of it all? There has to be a way to have a successful career, be a loving responsible parent/spouse/friend, to be a positive force in the world community and all the while ensuring a healthy, fulfilled self.

Telein CEO, Joseph Johnson, and three clients share tips. Their answers may surprise you, and will certainly get you thinking differently about the pathway to creating a life of meaning. They believe LIFEWORK integration is the goal vs. balance which requires making trade-offs. This is a must attend workshop if you are seeking to create LIFEWORK meaning.

Telein Presents: Working Togetherâ„¢ Seminar sponsored by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Central Ohio Chapter.
The seminar is a learning experience in teaming. Team members from Ohio State University Medical Center and LLS Chapter learn techniques to collaborate with each other and the many stakeholders needed to find treatments and cure blood cancers. Counter to popular belief, teamwork makes the dream work. We guarantee an intense, interactive, learning, fun experience.